Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Laws (Day)

Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirements for the Bachelor of Laws Degree course are as follows:

  1. Two A-Level Principals passes.
  2. A Diploma in Law obtained from a recognized Institution. With respect to Ugandan applicants, the only other recognized Institution, after KIU, to have conferred such Diploma is the Law Development Centre.  The Law Diploma holding applicants from other countries must have such Diplomas that were conferred by an Institution approved by the respective Law Councils or Bodies of those countries.
  3. For students from countries whose educational systems are different from those of Uganda or Tanzania, but who nonetheless, qualify for University entry under their home countries’ regulations, a pass of KIU’s Access Programme; the 800 hour pre-University taught Programme, (equivalent to one Academic Year offered at KIU), is a pre-requisite.
  4. A Degree in any field awarded by a recognized University.