Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Laws (Day)

Philosophy of the Programme

From dusk to dawn there is a constant interface between humans and the law. The shorthand for this is the description of law as the fons et origo or source and origin of society. In this context, there is an onerous responsibility on those in charge of interpretation and application of the law to meet the broad ends of justice for the furtherance of peaceful co-existence in society.

In order to do this, lawyers must possess the competence to analyze legal issues, and influence law reform, for the benefit of society. It also requires that lawyers are able to skillfully synthesize facts and situations, given that most problems involve multi-dimensional facts and can weave those facts into a coherent narration. The ability to advocate orally or in writing is another major qualification of a lawyer. The production of lawyers with the requisite attributes and ability to meet the expectations of the community requires a specific enabling environment.

The School of Law, Kampala International University provides a conducive learning environment with regularly reviewed curricula, to reflect changes in the legal and regulatory environments.