Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Mission and Vision

  • Apply the knowledge of the principles of basic and biomedical sciences in provision of health services;
  • Explain the altered structure (morbid Anatomy/histopathology) and function (pathophysiology and other pathologies) of the body that are seen in various disorders.
  • Identify the causes of diseases/disorders (genetic, developmental, metabolic, toxic, microbiologic, autoimmune, neoplastic, degenerative, behavioural, cognitive, psychological, social environmental, cultural and traumatic and recognize the ways in which they affect the body (pathogenesis).
  • Apply the basic principles of clinical management in the provision of Health Services.
  • Effectively utilizing appropriate inter-personal and communication skills in provision of health care:
  • Work with the community to promote health, prevent diseases and empower communities to produce a healthy population (promote good health).
  • Be committed to the highest standards of clinical care, showing ethical behaviour, appropriate attitudes, integrity, and accountability while dealing with patients in a professional capacity and society as a whole at all times.