Academic Programmes

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Objectives the Programme

The objective of the Electrical Engineering Program offered by the Department of Electrical and Telecommunications engineering at the school of engineering and applied sciences, Kampala international university is to prepare graduates to enter and be successful in the electrical engineering profession, and to reach responsible positions in a wide range of professional settings including consulting firms, industry or government.

As well, this program will prepare students to begin and successfully complete graduate studies in engineering and/or post baccalaureate education in a professional degree program.

Specifically, the objective of the programme is to equip students with appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them to:

  1. Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and talents needed in the world of work;
  2. Be employable to work in various fields like industries, government and other institutions in order to meet the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals (i.e. Eradication of Poverty and Education for All);
  3. Be entrepreneurs, self-employed and job creators;
  4. Inculcate creativity and innovativeness into Electrical engineering practice;
  5. Be firmly grounded with ethics in Electrical engineering and develop them to meet the challenges of work and socio-economic environments;
  6. Have a broad range of knowledge and skills necessary for a career in Electrical engineering;
  7. Develop skills in construction technology, Electrical engineering and production and project management;
  8. Have the ability to plan, design, and tender for and execute construction projects by working for and with other partners or by self-employment.