Academic Programmes

Law (Day), Diploma

About the Programme

The Diploma in Law is a full time intensive course, commencing in August and January each year. The course allows applicants to gain knowledge in some selected areas of law, to enable them provide support to legal practitioners or undertake basic legal services. The Diploma in law also provides a pathway for admission into the LL.B program of the school of law. The minimum period of candidature for the Diploma is three semesters, although a candidate may be allowed to study the required 15 subjects over two academic sessions (four semesters). The third term is devoted for clerkship (field work) and Research Paper. No candidate may take longer than 4 semesters to obtain the diploma. Courses taught at the diploma level include criminal law, constitutional law, law of contracts, introducing law, torts, family ;law and succession, business law, criminal procedure, civil procedure, law of evidence, clerkship (field work), administrative law, environmental law, and human rights law.