Academic Programmes

Masters of Laws General

Objectives the Programme

In accord with the motto of the university: “Exploring the Heights” as well as meeting the dynamic demands of students who want to prepare themselves for relevance in the legal world, the school of law introduced the Master of Laws program. The program is also fashioned to meet the acute need for advanced legal training in Uganda.  The Master of Laws program strengthens the students’ understanding of legal issues, and their intersection with society. It places a strong focus on international and comparative law, a skill that is urgently needed for effective participation in today’s globalized legal practice. The LL.M program provides a strong launch pad in legal education to enable the student to interrogate theories and perspectives in order to prepare for leadership in the legal profession. While the curriculum is strong across the board, special attention is paid to areas in which there is likely to be a growing demand for lawyers over the coming decades: business and finance law, natural resources law, international and comparative law, constitutional and public law, and the law relating to innovations in communication, information, culture, science, and medicine.