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Industrial Engineering Design

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Mechanical Engineering, Bsc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline


 Product Design and Development:    3hours

Principles of good product design, tolerance design; quality and cost considerations; product

life cycle; standardization, simplification, diversification, value engineering and analysis, concurrent engineering.

  Engineering Economy and Costing:  2hours

Elementary cost accounting and methods of depreciation; break-even analysis, techniques for

evaluation of capital investments, financial statements.

 Work System Design:   5hours

Taylor’s  scientific  management,  Gilbreths’s  contributions;  productivity  –concepts  and

measurements; method study, micro-motion study, principles of motion economy; work measurement – stop watch time study, work sampling, standard data, PMTS; ergonomics;

job evaluation, merit rating, incentive schemes, and wage administration;   process engineering.

 Facility Design: 5hours

Facility location factors and evaluation of alternate locations; types of plant layout and their

evaluation; computer-aided layout design techniques; assembly line  balancing; materials handling systems.

 Production Planning and Inventory Control:         5hours

Forecasting  techniques  –  causal  and  time  series  models,  moving  average,  exponential

smoothing, trend and seasonality; aggregate production planning; master production scheduling; MRP and  MRP-II; order control and  flow control; routing, scheduling and priority dispatching; push and pull production systems, concept of JIT manufacturing system; logistics, distribution, and supply chain management; Inventory –functions, costs, classifications, deterministic and probabilistic inventory models, quantity discount; perpetual and periodic inventory control systems.

Operation Research:    5hours

Linear  programming  –  problem  formulation,  simplex  method,  duality  and  sensitivity

analysis; transportation and assignment models; network flow models, constrained optimization and  Lagrange  multipliers;  simple  queuing  models;  dynamic  programming; simulation –  manufacturing applications; PERT  and  CPM, time-cost trade-off, resource leveling.

Quality Management:             5hours

Quality – concept and costs, quality circles, quality assurance; statistical quality control,

acceptance sampling, zero defects, six sigma; total quality management; ISO9000; design of experiments – Taguchi method.

 Reliability and Maintenance:             5hours

Reliability,  availability  and  maintainability;  distribution  of  failure  and  repair  times;

determination of MTBF and MTTR, reliability models; system reliability determination; preventive maintenance and replacement, total productive maintenance – concept and applications.

 Management Information System:               5hours

Value  of  information;  information  storage  and  retrieval  system  –  database  and  data

structures; knowledge-based systems.

 Intellectual Property System:                        5hours

Definition of intellectual property, the importance of IPR; TRIPS and its implications, patent,

copyright, industrial design, and trademark.


  •   Lectures
  •    Reading assignments
  •  Practical assignments
  •    Field trips
  •    Documentaries


  •   Whiteboard and Markers
  •   Flip Charts
  •    LCD Projectors& Computers
  •  CDs, DVDs, and Tapes