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School Mapping And Facilities Analysis

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education Management and Administration, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Description

Course Description

This course spreads through areas like supervision and leadership communication, community development, curriculum development, staff development etc. it will expose the students with the fundamental principles school mapping and show pattern of ideal supervision and school inspection. The course also exposes the student to a practical grading of school setting, maintenance and distribution of school facilities. The student also undertakes a diagnostic analysis of school facilities usage and maintenance vis-à-vis enrollment.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to equip the student with skills in school plant planning, management and supervision in ensuring effective use.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course unit students should demonstrate ability to:

·         Explain the meaning of supervision

·         Discuss the historical development of supervision in Uganda

·         Describe the factors determining the characteristics of supervision

·         Explain the responsibilities of a supervisors

·         Examine the role of the school principal as curriculum development and a supervisor for instruction

·         Understand the concepts of school plant planning, it management and it maintenance