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School Mapping And Facilities Analysis

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education Management and Administration, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Content and Outline

Detailed Course Content

1. School mapping (32hours)

a.    Understanding school mapping and planning in education (4hours)

b.    Analysis of existing pattern of distribution of educational facilities; plant planning design, collection of data, analysis, implementation (5hours)

c.    Utilization and maintenance and school operation of facilities (maintenance culture). (4hours)

d.    Factors affecting the distribution of resources within schools, between schools; examining the existing in equality to access of facilities, teachers, equipment and supplies in education. (5hours)

e.     Constant and challenge in school mapping and facilities distribution (4hours)

f.     Projective and creation of plant planning and management scenarios (5hours)

g.    Certificate of occupancy, post occupancy evaluation and documentation (5hours)

2. School Supervision (28 hours)

a.    The concept of instructional supervision (4hours)

b.    Principles of supervision and historical development of supervision in Uganda, supervision and inspection basic difference; supervision and leadership (4hours)

c.    Organizing the supervisory visits, follow up conference, workshop (4hours)

d.    Measuring teacher performance (4hours)

e.    Use of instructional media and library facilities (4hours)

f.     Building a community support programme professional responsibility of the supervisor (4hours)

g.    Evaluating a supervisory programme (4hours)

Teaching and Learning Methods

·         Reading Assignments

·         Presentations

·         Interactive Lectures

·         Group discussion

·         Group Work

·         Self-Study

·         Case Study

·         Listening to Documentaries

Teaching – Learning Materials


·         Whiteboard and markers

·         Flip charts

·         Projectors

CDs, DVDs and Tapes