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Business Law

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Tourism and Hotel Management, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Economics and Management
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

The Course introduces key principles/basic of law in relation to a business person and or commerce. The course outline delineates relationship between that exists between a business person and the legal regime in the Country. It brings out the importance of basic knowledge of the law to a business person and or a student studying business/commerce related course. The course further helps the students to understand and apply legal principles in the various course unit they do learn and or study and the course also forms a basis for understanding complex business transactions.


By the end of the course unit students should be able to;

·         Explain and analyze the classification, purpose, sources, enactment process of the                  law(legislation) and the courts system in Uganda – its structure and function(s);

·         Define and learn the basic principles of law and the relationship that exists between              them and the running of a business and or a commercial enterprise;

·         Explain the importance of law to a business person and or a person engaged in                         commercial activities;

·         Examine the Law of Contract in the context of its historical development in England                and its applicability in Uganda.

·         Examine the general principles of the subject with reference to the leading English,                Ugandan and East African cases and problem areas.

·         Examine key areas that affect the contractual obligations, identity essential elements              required to make a valid contract and when parties intent to create legal relationships.

·         Asses and analyze the forms of contract and the method of which they can be                          discharged and breached.

·         Examine contemporary issues and problems and enable students in understanding the           Law of Contracts as a fundamental factor in the context of business practices. 

·         Analyze the process of contract formation, both local and international, including the              negotiations process and further to learn how to draft a contract.

·         Examine the processes involved in the formation and execution (including drafting) of            how contract of sale of goods including international sale of goods;

·         Define the various terms that expose students to the nature of international sales                  forms of contract especially methods of sale (standard terms in international sale of              goods).