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Text Linguistics

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Linguistics, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Description

The course interrogates the meaning of text, especially in view of current debates about the multimodal nature of language. Then the distinction between spoken and written language is explored in detail before exploring a deep understanding of textuality and its constitutive elements. Participants on this course will regularly be expected to analyse texts to illustrate how different concepts of textuality such as cohesion and coherence operate practically. In addition to the reading list below, participants will read and engage with current journal articles relating to textual linguistics in a bid to a) enhance their knowledge of the course content and b) to help them develop informed arguments about the same.

Course Objectives

1)    To increase students' confidence and knowledge in relation to textual analysis

2)    To encourage the acquisition of specific textual analysis skills

3)    To encourage students to apply the acquired textual analysis skills on selected texts

4)    To help students to clearly distinguish between the notions of 'text' and 'discourse' using relevant examples

5)    To provide students with a range of opportunities to engage with scholarly articles that relate to textual linguistics

Course Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

1)    Use the seven principles of textuality to analyse several texts

2)    Competently explain the difference between 'text' and 'discourse'

3)    Locate and analyse contemporary journal articles relating to textual linguistics

4)    Trace the evolution of textual linguistics

5)    Contrast the Halliday's socio-semiotic and de Beaugrande and Dressler's mental structure-based approaches to textual analysis

6)    Apply text linguistic models and theories to at least an area of interdisciplinary research or the study of language -based skill.