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Lexicology And Lexicography

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Master of Arts In Linguistics
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Description

The course offers a detailed study of the history of lexicology and lexicography in the West and some African contexts. Students will also study the methods of dictionary making and explore how dictionaries can effectively be used in translating. In addition they will be acquainted with the relevant terminology as well as the semantic and psycholinguistic foundations for understanding the field of lexicology and lexicography. The lectures will also cover the structures and types language dictionaries and the differences between a linguistics dictionary and an encyclopedia and the thesaurus. Contemporary style manuals will be examined in a bid to identify the most suitable style for a linguistics researcher.

Course Objectives

1)    To introduce students to the history of lexicology and lexicography

2)    To acquaint students with the relevant terminology in the field of lexicology and lexicography

3)    To expose students to the methods of dictionary making

4)    To increase students' awareness of various structures and types of dictionaries

5)    To interactively help students examine style manuals especially the electronic resources

6)    To introduce students to various ways in which dictionaries can be used in translating

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

1)    Describe and the field of lexicology and lexicography

2)    Analyze the vocabulary of a given language

3)    Formulate a dictionary project

4)    Demonstrate their acquaintance with lexicology and lexicography terminology through application

5)    Choose and use suitable style manuals

6)    Demonstrate an understanding of the different approaches to dictionary making

7)    Discuss the outstanding differences among printed, electronic and bilingual dictionaries

8)    Trace the history of lexicology and lexicography