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Lexicology And Lexicography

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Linguistics, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Content and Outline

1)    Definition of terms: lexicology and lexicography (2hours)

2)    Analysis of the lexicon (8hours) a) Relations between words

b)    Levels of the lexicon

c)    Words in the dictionary

d)    New words/acquisition of words

e)    The structure of the mental lexicon

3)    The history of lexicology and lexicography (3hours)

4)    Types of dictionaries (7hours)

a)    Printed dictionaries

b)    Electronic dictionaries

c)     Dictionary of collocation and translation

d)    Bilingualized dictionaries and literary translation

e)    Equivalence and bilingual dictionaries

5)   Lexicology, lexicography and translation (3hours)

6)   Back translation, loanwords and related translation issues (5hours)

7)   Thesaurus, dictionary of synonyms & related translation issues (5hours)

8)   Neologisms, vogue words and euphemisms (5hours)

9)   Lexicography and translation across cultures (5hours)

10)   Usage and the encoding function: active dictionaries (5hours)

11)   Methods of dictionary compilation (5hours)

12)   Style Manual (7hours)

a)    Citation

b)    Definition

c)     Ordering

d)    Optimization

e)    Usage labeling

f)     Dictionary article formats

g)    Dictionary formats

h)    Practical exercises

Teaching and Learning Methods

1) Lectured

2) Demonstrations

3) Tutorials

4) Written and oral exercises

 5) Seminar presentations

Teaching - Learning Materials

•      Whiteboard and markers

•      Flip charts

•      Projectors

•      CDs, DVDs and Tapes