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Research Methods

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education (Mathematics) - B.Ed
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline


Introduction (5 Hours)

·         What is research?

·         Introduction

·         Why do we do research?

·         How do we classify research?

·         The Research Problem

·         Theoretical / practical significance

·         Research Variables

·         The Research Process

·         Types of hypotheses

·         Delimitation of the problem: the scope

·         Justification and significance

Reviewing Literature Pertaining a Research (3 Hours)

·         Introduction

·         Sources of Literature Review

·         Importance of Literature Review

·         Uses of literature review from conceptual viewpoints

·         Review in the Conceptual Perspective of a study

·         Use of review from contextual perspective of a study

Review of Literature from the methodological view-point (4 Hours)

·         Introduction

·         Research Design

·         Population, Sample Methodology and Sample Size

·         Instrumentations Used

·         Method of Data Analysis

Qualitative Research Designs (4 Hours)

·         Introduction

·         Observations

o   Uses of Observations

o   Preparation for observation

o   Definition of aims and objectives

o   Observation types

o   Advantages and disadvantages of observations

·         Documentation (3 Hours)

·         The interview

o   Nature and Uses

o   Preparing for Interview

o   Conducting the Interview

o   Types of interviews

o   Advantages and disadvantages of interviews

·         Discussion groups (3 Hours)

o   Setting up discussion groups

o   Recruitment/selection of participants

o   Guidelines for conducting group discussions

o   Advantages and disadvantages of group discussion

·         Case studies (3 Hours)

o   Case study as a scientific technique

o   Different scenarios in case studies

o   Advantages and disadvantages of case studies

·         Field studies (3 Hours)

o   The nature of field studies

o   Purpose of field studies

o   Steps in field studies

o   Problems in field studies

o   Advantages and disadvantages of field studies

Quantitative Designs (3 Hours)

·         Introduction

·         Categorization of quantitative designs

·         Correlation designs

·         Experimental research methods

·         Causal designs

·         Sample