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Design Theory And Methodology 2

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education (Art and Design), B.Ed
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: Faculty of Education
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

3Dimensional Drawing and fundamentals,   perception, Visualisation, Display methods;

This unit introduces the student to the following aspects of design theory

The course focuses on the aesthetic, time place, aesthetic and personality, change of beauty concept in art, elements of aesthetics the concepts of Ugliness in art, aesthetics and function, aspects of art, its philosophy, development process significant components and context, taste, style, value as well as the theories. Aims at developing the sense of appreciation ability to analyze and criticize work of arts.

A study of fundamentals of 3 dimensional, compositions and relationship of parts. Experimentation with forms free-forms geometric forms, surface, sight and shade, visual balance, weight and proportion and the use of existing art work and materials i.e. clay soft stone, soft wood paper colour etc. Perspective principles, colour harmonies, textures and rendering techniques.

A study of visual perception and visualization, senses and perception, sight and light, sight and perception, colour perception, illusion and perception, perspective, cultural environmental, optical illusions influencing perception.

Categories of perception i.e. selective perception perceiving forms, illusion and reality

- A study of visual display and exhibition concepts; space-object relationships, display techniques and tools design process, visual merchandising, management and planning.


Mode of Delivery

Lectures, tutorials, exhibitions, slide shows, demonstrations, library research, practical exercises