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Database Planning, Design, And Management

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Information Technology, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Mathematics and Computing
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Detailed Course Content:

1.General Introduction to Databases       Overview and definition of key terms, Database environment and Guidelines for Designing a database                                              3hours

2. The Database  Life Cycle           Phases in the Development Life Cycle of a Database(Planning, System definition, Requirements collection, Database Design,

Implementation, Data Conversion, and loading, Testing, and Maintenance.          3hours

3. Database Planning         Activities involved in database planning, Database integration with the overall Information System strategy of the organization.          3

4. Database Design Approaches to Database design(Conceptual, Logical and Physical design), Application Design, Transaction design, User Interface                      3hours

5. Database  Implantation:

            i. Designing database objects- Tables, Database Architecture                       3hours                       ii. Designing database objects continued- Forms and Reports(Design view),

other ways of Creating Forms and Reports                                            3hours

            iii. Working with Queries –Query Design, operators,Calculations using Queries                                                                                                                                       3hours

6. Database Normalization Types of Normalization (1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, BCNF)

How to Normalize tables, Demoralization                                                                       3hours

7. Entity-Relationship Modeling: Types of Database Models                          3hours

8. Database Security& Integrity:    Data and Database Security, Security Mechanisms,

Database Maintenance                                                                                          3hours

9.MYSQL: Using DML to create the Database tables, using DCL and TCL language to manipulate data in the database                                                                                    3hours

10.SQL Queries: Manipulating data in the database using queries under MYSQL                                                                                                                                                            3hours

11. Case Study: Identifying an organization and coming up with a database solution                                                                                                                                          3hours

Teaching-learning Methods:

Lectures, Class Discussions, Class demonstrations, Hand on (Practicals), Case Studies, and Independent study and Class presentations.

Teaching-learning Materials:

Textbooks and Computers, One computer laboratory, networked computers, one lecture room, Projector, Whiteboard and Markers