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Monetary Economics

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education (Economics) - B.Ed
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

Course Justification

The student is exposed to the workings of the money market and its implications on economic performance which is important to any economist.

Course Description

This course unit is designed to take students into a thorough exploration of the basic concepts, types and functions money, an evaluation of money markets and monetary standards, the theories of money demand and supply and monetary policy analysis, monetary institutions and their functioning, international monetary issues, assessment and evaluation, BOP, TOT, interest rates and inflation.

Course Aim

The course aims at enabling the learner understand the role of money in an economy and its implications on growth and development.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course unit, students should demonstrate ability to:

o   Explain the functions, qualities and describe the various stages in evolution of money.

o   Evaluate monetary standards and monetary economy

o   Analyze determinants of money demand and supply

o   Compute quantity of money demand and supply.

o   Explain the various types and working of the global and local money and capital markets so that one can even participate in their operation.

o   Explain the different theories of money and to and assess their relevance in developing countries

o   Explain the IS-LM curve and analyze the equilibrium in money markets.