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First Aid

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

I) Lectures (20 Hours)

i) Introduction (2 Hours)
a)      Definition of first Aid
b)      History of first aid
c)      Principles of first Aid
d)     Qualities of a good first aider

ii) Emergency Resuscitation (1 hour)

iii) Methods of transportation of casualities (2 hours)

ii) Description of and First Aid treatment given to the causality of the following (15 hours)
a)        Asphyxia
b)        Drowning
c)        Unconsciousness
d)       Hemorrhage 
e)        Shock
f)         Burns and scalds
g)        Rabid  animals bites 
h)        Syncope;
i)          Fractures, Dislocations Strains
j)          Epileptic  fits, Convulsions and Hysterical  fits
k)        Poisons (chemical, foods and drugs)
l)          Snake bites, Stings (wasps bees, scorpion etc).
m)      Foreign bodies in Ear Nose and throat( ENT) and the eye;
n)        Mass accidents; Individuals with  multiple Injuries
o)        Community first aid
p)        Components of a first aid Box

 II) Tutorials (30 marks)
a)      Recovery position(3 Hours)
b)      Triangular bandage and its application to the – Head, Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand,Hip, Knee and Foot, Arm Slings(6 Hours)
c)      Treatment of fracture, Application of splints(3 Hours)
d)     Treatment of Fractures, Treatment of trains(3 Hours)
e)      Compression of arteries (3 Hours)
f)       Compression of arteries(3 Hours)
g)      Artificial Respiration (3 Hours)
h)      Transport of the Injured(3 Hours)
i)        Preparation for the bed, removing clothes  etc  (3 Hours)

Teaching Learning methods
a)      Lectures
b)      Small group discussion
c)      Case studies
d)     Demonstrations/return demonstrations;
e)      Supervised practice Simulations

Teaching Learning Materials
a)      Whiteboards and markers
b)      Text books
c)      First Aid equipment and supplies;
d)     Models
e)      Videos