Courses Catalogue

Computer Skills

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

i) Classification of computers (2 Hours)
a)      Microcomputer
b)      Minicomputer
c)      Palm computers;
d)     Main frame computer
e)      Supercomputers

ii) Hardware, and software (2 Hours)

iii) Input devices (2 Hours)
a)      Monitor
b)      Mouse
c)      Voice data entry
d)     Light pen
e)      Scanner
f)       Key board;
g)      Touch screen

iii) Output devices (2 Hours)
a)      Monitor
b)      Printer
c)      Plotter;

iv) Storage devices (4 Hours)
a)      Buffer
b)      Central processing unit
c)      Back-up
d)     File storage devices

v) Operating systems; Utilities and operations software (2 Hours)

vi) Principles of data management(4 Hours)
a)      Setting up files; modifying
b)      Storing
c)      Data
d)     Coding
e)      Data entry
f)       Data processing and analysis
g)      Databases.

vii) Software and programming (25)
a)      System programmes
b)      Operating systems
c)      Utility
d)     Programmes
e)      Special purposes programmes
f)       Application programmes;
g)      Programming languages
h)      Word processing programmes
i)        SPSS
j)        EPI-info
k)      Internet access
l)        World wide web:
m)    Statistical programmes; Statistical tests, Data entry, Data cleaning.
n)      Computer applications in health services and research; Medical literature search, Medical record keeping, and retrieval; and searching for information, Security of information, Levels of access and confidentiality.

II) Computer practicals (30 Hours)

Teaching Learning methods
a)      Lectures
b)      Small group discussion
c)      Demonstrations/return demonstrations;
d)     Supervised practice Simulations

Teaching /Learning Materials
a)      Whiteboards and markers
b)      Videos
c)      Computers/laptops
d)     CD Roms
e)      Flash discs