Courses Catalogue

Public Health Ii [nutrition]

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

I) Lectures (35 hours)
i) Introduction (10 hours)
a)      Basic nutrition: 
b)      Basic principles of nutrition and dietetics
c)      Nutrients: Types, sources and role in the body
d)     Micronutrients and trace elements
e)      Social cultural factors in nutrition
f)       Generation, expenditure and storage of nutrients at the whole body level: Digestion and absorption of nutrients, Functions of essential nutrients, Caloric and nitrogen balance.

ii)     Nutrition in the life cycle (4 Hours)
a)      Maternal nutrition: Pregnancy and Lactation
b)      Infant and Childhood Nutrition
c)      Adolescents Nutrition
d)     Nutrition of Older People.

iii)   Malnutrition (6 Hours)
a)      Overview of causes
b)      Protein energy malnutrition (PEM)
c)      Nutritional Anaemia
d)     Vitamin deficiency disorders and toxicities
e)      Mineral deficiencies and toxicities
f)       Iodine deficiency disorders
g)      Over-nutrition (obesity)
h)      Underlying causes of malnutrition (Food Security, Care and Public Health Factors):
i)        Synergism between malnutrition and infections and its effects on mental and physical growth and development of children

iv)    Nutrition Diagnosis (6 Hours)
a)      Causes of malnutrition
b)      Assessment of nutritional status
c)      Protocols in nutrition assessment; Methods for assessment of nutritional status, Nutritional status indicators and classification systems, Nutrition Status Data Management, Analysis, Community Feedback.

v) Community Nutrition interventions (2 Hours)
a)      Types and distribution of nutrition interventions
b)      Public Health Aspects of Over-nutrition (Obesity).

vi) Nutritional Management and Care of Patients (2 Hours)
a)      Priority nutrition interventions within the health sector
b)      Nutritional policies within the health sector(including HIV / AIDS and infant feeding)

II) Tutorials (20 Hours)
a)      Balanced diet and Nutritional planning (4 hours)
b)      Nutritional assessment(4 hours) 
c)      Food pyramid(4 hours)
d)     Breastfeeding(4 hours)
e)      Child growth monitoring(4 hours)

Teaching/learning Methods
a)      Lectures
b)      Discussions
c)      Role plays
d)     Demonstrations and return demonstrations
e)      Case Studies
f)       Clinical conference

Teaching/Learning materials
a) White Boards and Markers
b) LCD projectors
c) Posters; Food stuffs
d)Child health cards
e)Tape measure
f) Body weight weighing machines
g) Video Equipment