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Health Education

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the students to the theories issues & techniques of health education, teaching skills, methods in health & health promotion to clients, families & community.  The course is planned to facilitate integration, application & evaluation of specific information regarding to health promotion theory, research & practice.  Emphasis will be on preventive aspect of health as well as client education.  Students will have the opportunity to apply course material to design & implement client education programs to clients with common health problem.

Course Justification/rationale
Health education builds students' knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health.. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors among themselves and the population that they are to serve. The Health education course therefore help students learn skills they will use health educate their clients/communities thereby promoting positive changes in behavior of the community and individual patients/clients and hence prevent disease and promote health.

Course Learning Outcomes
After successful completion of this course, the trainees should be able to:
a)      Define the basic concepts of health, education & health education
b)      Explain factors that affect health education process
c)      Identify the basic domains of learning
d)     Describe setting & target groups for health education.
e)      Describe issues related to planning, implementing & evaluating health education & health promoting programs.
f)       Develop health education program in one of primary health concepts.
g)      Demonstrate undergraduate level skills in integration, application, analysis, synthesis & evaluation of health education program

Course Aim
The aim of teaching  Health Education  is to  enable the learner  to  acquire  knowledge, skills  and attitude   necessary for  giving  health  education and  counseling  clients  and  communities.