Courses Catalogue

Mental Health

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

I)      Lectures (30 Hours)
a)      Psychiatric formulation, mental state examination; respect, empathy, responsiveness, and concern regardless of the patient‟s problems or personal characteristics; psychotherapy; counselling; team concept in management of patients; psychopharmacology; alternative forms of therapy (15 hours)
b)      Delirium, dementia Alzheimer‟s disease, Parkinson‟s disease and HIV encephalopathy; seizure disorders, strokes and head injuries; disorders of eating, sleeping and psychosexual functions, suicide (15 hours)
c)      Pathology and management of behavior and personality disorders, phobic and obsessions states, anxiety, neuroses, acute and chronic psychiatric states, organic syndromes, drug and alcohol abuse, acute reaction to stress, somatoform disorders; community liaison, child, adolescent, forensic and geriatric psychiatry; mental retardation(10 hours)
d)     Schizophrenic, affective disorders (5 hours)

II)   Practicals/clinical practice (45 Hours) 
This will be supervised clinical practice in KIUTH Mental Outpatient/mental ward in which students will participate in the assessment and management of mentally ill patients.

Teaching/Learning Methods
a)      Lectures
b)      Classroom discussion
c)      Small group discussion
d)     Role plays
e)      Demonstration /Return Demonstrations
f)       Case studies

Teaching/Learning materials
a)      Microbiology practical Manuals/log books
b)      Psychiatry text Books
c)      CD projectors
d)     Psychiatric Clinical Guidelines