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Basic Immunology Course Code

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Nursing Sciences (Direct Entry), B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Nursing Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

 Introduction and Basic concepts of immunology      2hrs

  •  Course outline, Purpose, scope, applications, immunology in clinical medicine and research 
  •  Historical development of immunology
  •  Classification of Immune system

Innate immunity                                  2hrs

  • Barriers to infection
  • Brief mention cells of the innate immune system
  •   Definition of terms like PRR, PAMPS
  • Brief mention of role of cytokines in host defense
  •   Phagocytosis and mechanisms of intracellular killing, opsonisation
  • Chemical components of innate immunity

The Complement system                                 2hrs

  •       Definition
  •        Activation and regulation
  •       Biological functions (opsonisation, chemotaxis)
  •        Detrimental consequences of complement activation
  •    Complement-Induced Vasodilation and Increased Vascular Permeability

Adaptive immunity                                            3hr

  •   Classification and mediators, CMI, HMI, cell communications
  • Phases of adaptive immune response
  • Active and passive immunity (partly seen in introduction)
  •  Cardinal features of the adaptive immune system
  • Functional differences between B and T lymphocytes
  •   Comparison of innate and adaptive immunity

Organization of immune system        2hrs

  •        cells tissues and organs of the Immune system
  •        Primary and secondary Lymphoid organs
  •     Mucosal associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)
  •        Lymphocyte trafficking

Cells of the immune System               2hrs

  •  Myeloid and Lymphoid pathways    Sources of the different cells
  • Roles of different cells in mounting response. 
  •  Brief principals of Antigen presentation using MHC 1 & II.

 Immunoglobulins                               2hrs

  • Definitions of immunoglobulins
  •     Functions of immunoglobulins
  •      Antigen – antibody kinetics

Practicals                                          (30)  15 hrs

Latex agglutination test, ABO blood grouping, HCG test,

Mode of Delivery

  •   Lectures to introduce the basic theoretical concepts
  •    Group discussions 
  •     Seminars and tutorials
  •      Intensive hands-on practicals

Instructional Materials and/or Equipment

  •       White Boards and Markers
  •      LCD projectors
  •     Course files and Lecture Notes
  •        Equipped Laboratory