Courses Catalogue

Public Health Iv [maternal And Child Health]

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

I) Lectures (40 Hours)

i) Antenatal care (10 Hours)
a)      Aspects of care; pre-pregnancy and inter-pregnancy care
b)      Calculation of the expected date of delivery
c)      Physiological adaptations in pregnancy
d)     Antenatal examination: Blood pressure, urinalysis, Weight, Fundal Height, Abdominal palpation, Fetal heart/fetal movements, Legs (Varicose veins/oedema), Blood tests, Ultrasound scans.
e)      Birth preparedness

ii) Nutrition and breastfeeding (10 Hours) 
a)      Introduction
b)      Anatomy of the female breast
c)      Hormones and breast milk
d)     Breastfeeding positions
e)      Breastfeeding frequency
f)       Breast care
g)      Alternatives to breastfeeding
h)      Benefits of breast-feeding
i)        Barriers to breast-feeding
j)        Weaning

iii) Child growth monitoring and development; (5 Hours)
a)      The concepts of growth and development
b)      Importance of regular weighing in growth monitoring
c)      The techniques of weighting children how to fill and use a child health card
d)     Child growth curves
e)      Child development milestones

iii) Family planning (5 Hours)
a)      Definition
b)      Different family planning methods

iii) Immunization (6 Hours)
a)      Immunity (Active and Passive)
b)      Vaccines
c)      Childhood immunisable diseases
d)     Uganda National Immunization schedule
e)      The cold chain and its management
f)       Accelerated immunization activities
g)      Immunisation outreaches 

v) MCH indicators (4 Hours)
a)      Maternal mortality rate
b)      Neonatal Mortality rate
c)      Under-five mortality rate
d)     Total fertility rate

II) Tutorials (20 Hours)
a)      General examination (2 Hours)
b)      Breast examination (2 Hours)
c)      Abdominal/obstetric examination (2 Hours)
d)     Routine examination in antenatal care (2 Hours)
e)      Demonstration of family planning methods (4 Hours)
f)       Packing the vaccine carriers (2 Hours)
g)      Arrangement of vaccines in a refrigerator (2 Hours)
h)      The child immunization card (2 Hours)
i)        Antenatal register(2 Hours)

III)  Clinicals/Practicals (30)

This will be a one month rotation in the immunization, antenatal and family planning clinics in which students will participate actively in these clinics under the guidance of qualified medical practitioners

Teaching- learning methods
a)        Lectures
b)        Bedside teaching/Demonstrations
c)        Ward rounds/Demonstrations
d)       Tutorials/Group discussions
e)        Case presentations and write-ups
f)         Supervised ward practice
g)        Use of the recommended text and library research by students.

Teaching and Learning Facilities
a)      Whiteboard and markers
b)      LCD Projectors
c)      Patients
d)     Maternal health card
e)      Fetoscope