Courses Catalogue

Pediatrics I

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

i)Introduction to Paediatrics(5 Hours)
a)      History taking
b)      Diagnosis & differential diagnosis
c)      Appropriate investigation & interpretation

ii)Neonatology(15 Hours)
a)      Asphyxia of new born
b)      Birth trauma
c)      Prematurity & LBW
d)     Respiratory distress syndrome
e)      Jaundice
f)       Haemolytic disease of the new born
g)      Anaemia
h)      Neonatal infections
i)        Neonatal seizures

iii) Growth and development (5 Hours)
a)      Definitions ( Growth, and Development)
b)      Weight & height/ length
c)      Developmental milestone

iv) Nutrition (6 Hours)
a)      Nutritional assessment
b)      Malnutrition( Kwashiorkor, marasmus & marasmus/kwashiorkor)
c)      Under weight
d)     Failure to thrive

v) Gastrointestinal conditions(5 Hours)
a)      Diarrheal diseases
b)      Parasitic diseases

vi) Disease of the blood & lymphatic system(6 Hours)
a)      Most common anaemias (iron, folic Ac. Deficiencies anaemias)
b)      Haemolytic anaemia (Sickle cell disease)
c)      Blood transfusion

vii) Common cardiovascular diseases (6 Hours)
a)      The most common congenital cyanotic heart diseases
b)      The most common congenital Acyanotic heart diseases
c)      Rheumatic heart disease & rheumatic fever

viii) Common respiratory diseases (4 Hours)
a)      URTI (Upper respiratory tract infections) Common cold, Otitis media, Tonsillitis
b)      LRTI (Lower respiratory tract infections)Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, Laryngitis,
Asthma, Tuberculosis

ix) Infectious diseases (10 Hours)
a)      Whooping cough
b)      Malaria
c)      HIV/AIDS
d)     Typhoid fever
e)      Poliomyelitis
f)       Tetanus
g)      Measles

x)     Nervous system (6 Hours)
a)      Meningitis
b)      Meningitis
c)      Encephalitis
d)     Cerebral malaria
e)      Simple fever convulsion
f)       Complex fever convulsion 

xi)   Paediatrics emergencies (6 hours)
a)      Cardiorespiratory resuscitation in the new born
b)      Cardiorespiratory resuscitation in paediatrics patient
c)      Acute convulsion

xii) Vaccination/Immunization (2 Hours)
a)      Vaccines
b)      Routine schedule

Teaching- learning methods
a)        Lectures
b)        Bedside teaching/Demonstrations
c)        Ward rounds/Demonstrations
d)       Tutorials/Group discussions
e)        Case presentations and write-ups
f)         Supervised ward practice

Teaching and Learning Facilities 
a)    Whiteboard and markers
b)    LCD Projectors
c)    Patients
d)    Child growth/immunization  chart
e)    Vaccines 
f)    Tape measure