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Medical / Surgical Nursing I

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Nursing Sciences (Direct Entry), B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Nursing Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description


The course explores concepts of Med/Surg. Nursing, dysfunctional states of the adult client and the application of the Nursing Process in the care of clients with alterations /disorders of different body systems. It endeavors to use the Nursing Process framework for all interventions in the management of adult clients with common medical and surgical conditions in Uganda. Definitions of key terms and concepts in Med/Surg. nursing especially scope, nature, standards are explained.  

Course Aim

The course aims to equip students with knowledge, attitude, and skills in advanced nursing profession in order to provide evidence-based practice and use Computerized Nursing Care-plan (CNC) for data analysis and care-planning.

        Course Learning out comes                          

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  •     Explore the basic concepts and principles of management of patients with Med/Surg.Conditions.
  •    Identification of risk factors and complications in med/surg. conditions
  •     Relate the nursing process in the care of med/surg. Clients.
  •      Describe and apply evidence-based practice in Med/Surg. Nursing.
  •    Use Computerized Nursing Care-plan (CNC) for data analysis and care-planning.
  •    Apply the knowledge acquired in this course to competently deliver nursing care to adult patients, proficiently draw nursing care plans, and utilize recent scientific literature/articles in the nursing care of adult clients.