Courses Catalogue

Pediatrics Ii

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Clinical Medicine and Community Health, Diploma
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Allied Health Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

i) Neonatology

More common congenital malformation (10 Hours)
a)        Nervous
b)       respiratory,
c)        Gastrointestinal
d)       renal
e)        Common chromosomal abnormalities 

ii) Nutrition 5 Hours
a)      More common vitamin deficiencies
b)     Obesity iii) Gastrointestinal conditions (5 Hours)
a)   Hepatitis
b)  Jaundice

iv) Neoplasm
a)   Leukemia 
b)  Lymphoma

v) Cardiovascular diseases (10 Hours)
a)   Cardiac Failure
b)  Endomyocardial fibrosis
c)   Myocarditis
d)  Infection endocarditis

vi) Common respiratory diseases (6 Hours)
a)   Pneumothorax
b)  Emphysema
c)   foreign body in the airway

vii)     Infectious diseases (8 Hours)
a)      SIRIS
b)      Sepsis
c)      Septic shock

viii)   Nervous system (5 Hours)
a)   Mental retardation
b)  Cerebral palsy
c)   Delayed developmental milestones

ix) Paediatric emergencies (4 Hours) 
a)      Poisoning in children
b)      Home accidents
c)      Child abuse

x) Common endocrine disorders
a)      Diabetes Mellitus
b)      Thyroid disorders
c)      Thyroid disorders

xi) Paediatrics surgery
a)      Pyloric stenosis
b)      Oesophageal atresia
c)      Imperforate anus
d)     Acute abdomen

II) Tutorials (20 hours)
a)      General examination
b)      Neurological examination
c)      Paediatric surgical equipment
d)     Clinical approach to a child with fever
e)      Clinical approach to an unconscious child

III) Clinical/practical rotation
This will be bedside teaching in the paediatric clinic/ward where students will participate in clerking and management of patients under supervision

Teaching- learning methods
a)        Lectures
b)        Bedside teaching/Demonstrations
c)        Ward rounds/Demonstrations
d)       Tutorials/Group discussions
e)        Case presentations and write-ups
f)         Supervised ward practice

Teaching and Learning Facilities
a)      Whiteboard and markers
b)      LCD Projectors
c)      Patients
d)     Child growth/immunization  chart
e)      Vaccines
f)       Tape measure