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Database Management Systems

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Education (Computer), B.Ed
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

Course Justification/Rationale:

The work environment and all sectors have in recent decades experienced a shift from traditional ways of keeping as well as organizing records into automated environments.

Hence, this course introduces the learner to concepts and principles of building standard databases to beat the flaws of paper based storages. The learner is expected to get knowledge that enables them to become first class database developers and administrators.

Brief description:

This course introduces the student to the concepts underlying database design and development. Different database paradigms including: relational, object-relational, multi-dimensional as well as the hierarchical, network will be covered. The course also introduces the student to the evolution of databases from the hierarchical up to the current paradigm - the object-oriented database. The student will be exposed to the significance of databases and why they supersede the file-based systems. Different development methods, techniques and tools will be covered including: Entity Relationship Modelling, Unified Modelling Language techniques as well as development of the database using MySQL. The student should be able demonstrate both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in database design and development.


The database development course aims to:

1.       Expose the student to the different database concepts

2.       Teach the student how to design and develop a database using the different design techniques

3.       Explain to the student of the significance of the database in the operations of organizations

Impact both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the student of development, implementing and testing a database.