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Health Law & Policy

STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

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Law (LL.B)

LB 1103 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Fundamentals Of Criminal Law

LB1101 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Introducing Law

LB1102 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Law & Development

LB1104 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Law Of Contract 1

LB1105 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Principles Of Constitutional Law I

LB1201 (Year 1, 1st Semester)

Legal Methods

LB 1203 (Year 1, 2nd Semester)

Criminal Liability

LB1202 (Year 1, 2nd Semester)

Administrative Law

LB1204 (Year 1, 2nd Semester)

Law Of Contract 11

LB1205 (Year 1, 2nd Semester)

Principles Of Constitutional Law Ii

LB2101 (Year 2, 1st Semester)

Nature And History Of Torts

LB2102 (Year 2, 1st Semester)

Equity And Trusts

LB2103 (Year 2, 1st Semester)

Family Law I

LB2104 (Year 2, 1st Semester)

Law Of Evidence I

LB2105 (Year 2, 1st Semester)

Foundations Of Land Law

LB2201 (Year 2, 2nd Semester)

Negligence, Strict Liability And Procedure In Torts

LB2202 (Year 2, 2nd Semester)

Social Research Methods

LB2203 (Year 2, 2nd Semester)

Family Law Ii

LB2204 (Year 2, 2nd Semester)

Law Of Evidence II

LB2205 (Year 2, 2nd Semester)

Land Transactions

LB3101 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

Jurisprudence I

LB3102 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

The Law Of Sale Of Goods

LB3103 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

Business Associations I

LB3104 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

Principles Of International Law I

LB3105 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

Banking And Negotiable Instruments

LB3106 (Year 3, 1st Semester)

Human Rights In Domestic Perspective

LB3201 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Jurisprudence Ii

LB3202 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Criminal Procedure

LB3203 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Business Associations Ii

LB3204 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Principles Of International Law Ii

LB3205 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Consumer Law & Practice

LB3206 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Environmental Law & Policy

LB3208 (Year 3, 2nd Semester)

Commercial Law (hire Purchase & Agency)

LB4101 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Civil Procedure 1

LB4102 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Revenue Law And Taxation 1

LB4103 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

International And Regional Human Rights

LB4104 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

International Trade And Business

LB4105 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Health Law & Policy

LB4106 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Intellectual Property Law 1

LB4107 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Labour Law I

LB4109 (Year 4, 1st Semester)

Insurance Law

LB4201 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Civil Procedure Ii

LB4202 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Revenue Law & Taxation Ii

LB4203 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

International Humanitarian Law

LB4204 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Gender And The Law

LB4205 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Criminology And Penology

LB4206 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Intellectual Property Law Ii

LB4207 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Labour Law Ii

LB4208 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Insolvency Law

LB4210 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

LB4211 (Year 4, 2nd Semester)

Research Paper


Law (LL.B)

Course Code




Health Law & Policy



Credit Unit



Course Description:


This course will help students understand the law governing health providers and their duties towards consumers of their services.


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

Examine health as a human right and its protection at international, regional, and domestic level.

Discuss the regulation of health care providers and institutions.

Critically analyze the rights of patients, professional negligence, and occupational health.

What are the legal implications of doctor –patient relationship.

Required Readings:

  1. Assessment and Method of Evaluation:
  2. Course Outline:
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