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Selected Topics In Cardiorespiratory Physiology

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Physiology (Bachelor)
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

PREREQUISITES: PHY 2103(respiratory physiology) and HPHY


1204(cardiovascular physiology). COURSE JUSTIFICATION: This course aims to;

·    The course is intended to give students a better understanding of the special characteristics and mechanisms in the heart that provides cardiac rhythmicity and transmit action potential throughout the heart muscles to cause heart’s rhythmical beats. It also examines the vascular system and how the heart operate as a pump beginning with the special features of the vascular system, heart muscles and the homeostatic mechanisms operating to adjust flow including the general principle that apply to all parts of the circulation.



This will a theoretical course delivered mainly through interactive lectures with critical thinking discussions and demonstrations. The course will Provide the student with adequate knowledge on the respiratory and non-respiratory functions of the lungs. COURSE AIMS

During the course of the study the student will be facilitated to;


a.  Define stroke volume and cardiac output and describe the factors that influence these variables.

b.  Describe the effects of hormones, drugs, temperature and changes in ion concentration on the heart.

c.  Explain the mechanisms that regulate blood flow through arteries, capillaries and veins.

d.  Explain how the activities of the cardiac, vasomotor and respiratory centre are coordinated to control blood flow through the tissues.

e.  Explain how the cardiovascular system responds to the demand of exercise, hemorrhage and shock.

f.  Explain pulmonary ventilation, lung volumes and capacities, gas laws and spirometry.