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Mass Transferi

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Industrial Chemistry, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

This course introduces mass transfer theories, mass transfer in stage-wise and continuous contacting equipment, mass transfer design equations as applied to selected unit operations.

  Course Objectives:

The course is intended:

  • To teach students the theories in mass transfer.
  • To familiarize students with equipments commonly used in mass transfer.
  • To teach students how to design mass transfer equipment like distillation columns.
  • The course is a pre-requisite for course ICH 3129 ass Transfer II.

     Detailed Course description:

       Introduction to Mass Transfer.

Classification, Direct Contact of two Immiscible phases, Phases separated by membrane, and Direct contact of Miscible Phases.

  Interphase Mass Transfer

Equilibrium, Diffusion between phases, Local Two-Phase Mass Transfer, Local Overall Mass-transfer Coefficients,  Materials Balances,  Steady-State cocurrent Processes, Steady-State Countercurrent Processes, Stages, Cascades, Cross-Flow Cascades, Countercurrent Cascades.

 Gas Absorption

Equilibrium solubility of gases in liquids.Two-Component Systems.Ideal Liquid solutions.Non-ideal Solutions. One Component transferred and associated materials balances for countercurrent flow, and cocurrent flow. Minimum Liquid-Gas Ratio for absorbers.


Vapour-Liquid Equilibria.The Pressure-Temperature-Concentration Phase diagram.Constant-Pressure Equilibria.Constant_Temperatureequilibria.Relative volatility.Raoult’s Law.Positive Deviations from ideality and consequences, Negative deviations from Ideality and concequences. Multistage towers. Method of Ponchon-Savarit. Method Of McCabe-Thiele.

Equipment for Gas-Liquid Mass transfer Operations

Sparged vessels, mechanically agitated vessels, Tray towers, Bubble-cap trays, sieve trays. Design of tray towers, weirs, downspouts, perforated plates, etc. Packed towers.Packings.

       Mode of Delivery:

Lectures, assignments, tests and tutorials.