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Industrial Microbiology

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Industrial Chemistry, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

The course is aimed at introducing students offering the Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry degree programme to the basic principles of general microbiology with a bias to industrial microbiology as one of the applied field of Microbiology. The course will introduce students to elementary cell biology so as to lay a solid foundation necessary for the understanding of the basics of the discipline. Other areas to be covered in the course with include: definitions of terms with illustrations were applicable; discussion of microbial groups (bacteria, algae, protozoa, cynobacteria, fungi , viruses); classification, nomenclature and  identification of microbes; growth and control of microbial growth, preservation and maintenance; fermentation, Scaled-up fermentation and downstream processing, examples of industrial microorganisms, microbial processes, raw materials and  products.

Course Objectives

The Course is intended to:

  •  Equipping the students with a theoretical and practical understanding of industrial microbiology.
  • Encouraging students to appreciate the exploitation of microorganisms in industries as a viable alternative to the use of chemicals to the production of useful products.
  •  Providing students with skills of identifying community concerns and solving problems through the application of microorganisms at a   local as well as an industrial level.
  •  Promote excellence among students of industrial microbiology and enhance their intellectual development.