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Scholarly Writng And Publication

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Project Planning and Management, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Content and Outline

Studying and writing at postgraduate level.(6 hours)

  • Reading before writing
  • How to find appropriate literature
  • How to make notes and record excerpts
  • Approaches to reading critically
  • Recognizing your voice: ontology, epistemology and positionality
  • Collaborative writing
  • Writing tips and traps

Technical aids to assist in writing assignments (6 hours)

  • Reference management tools
  • Data analysis tools 
  • Checking for resources on Webcourses

Styles and types of writing     (9 hours)

  • Key characteristics of academic writing       
  • Postgraduate standard of writing  

Types of writing  

The basics of written presentation:  punctuation,  numbers,  the apostrophe, foreign words and phrases with popular abbreviations,  footnotes and endnote

Essential writing skills; summarizing,  paraphrasing, structuring, cohesion and coherence, connecting ideas, sentences and paragraphs

Developing an argument

Drafting, editing and proof-reading

Understanding assessment comments

Technical documents

Personal writing

Common knowledge, plagiarism and copyright

Referencing  (6 hours)

  • Bibliographies:  Harvard  and  American  Psychological  Association  (APA)   Referencing Systems
  • Acknowledging sources, and incorporating citations/quotations into your writing

Dissertation Production at Masters Level  (9 hours)

  • Organisation of the MA dissertation
  •  List of preliminary pages
  • Chapters/Main body
  • Appendices: Title and Sample Title Page, Sample Declaration, Abstract, Acknowledgement,  Table of Contents, Chapters 


  • Context  and  Rationale  for  the  Study,  Aims  and  Objectives,  Delimitations,  Validity  and  Reliability, Research Ethics
  • Theoretical Perspective, Conceptual Framework or Paradigm Informing the Research
  • Review of the Literature
  • Research Design, Methodology and Method
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Discussion of Findings
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References and Bibliography 

Publication Skills (9 hours)

  • Introduction: What is ‘research’? What is ‘scholarly activity’? What is ‘publishing’?
  • Types of articles and papers
  • The journal submission process
  • What the journal will look for in your submission
  • Peer-review criteria
  • Success rates from submissions
  • How to maximise your chances of publication by writing a good abstract
  • Selecting key words
  • Structuring the journal article
  • What you might do wrong in your first article 
  • Who might give you good feedback before your submit your article?
  • Responding to reviewers’ feedback
  • About reacting to feedback and peer reviews
  • What Journal editors dislike from authors
  • What Journal editors like
  • Peer review of conference papers. 

Mode of delivery

Lectures, practical class work, tutorials (on enhancing writing)& guest lectures