Courses Catalogue

Institutional Pedagogy

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Doctor of philosophy of development studies programme
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Description

Most of the doctoral students normally take up a career as full-time/part-time academic staff in institutions of higher learning upon completion of their PhD programs. In order to prepare these students for a successful academic life, exposure to pedagogy is important. The course is intended to improve teaching strategies, teacher actions, and teacher judgments and decisions by taking into consideration theories of learning, understandings of students and their needs, and the backgrounds and interests of individual students.


Course aim

To equip students with knowledge and skills to teach courses designed for tertiary level education, since many PhD candidates end up as academic staff in tertiary institutions due to the growing demand for quality tertiary level education.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this module/course, the participants should be able to;

  1. Demonstrate professionalism at executing their academic role as lecturers or facilitators in Institutions of Higher Learning.
  2. Ably identify and address learners’ needs and aspirations through mentorship in their process of learning.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to develop appropriate curricula and organize course(s) and training programs conforming to principles recommended by their own institutions and those prescribed by Uganda National Council of Higher Education.
  4. Appreciate the diversity among students and handle them to address their learning expectations.
  5. Conduct appropriate evaluation of participants’ ability through clear set tests and exams that will conform to the existing curriculum and programme structure.
  6. To employ relevant teaching methods that will cultivate knowledge and talents among participants of the course.