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Counseling Internship (hiv/aids Counseling)

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Counseling Psychology, Masters
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Description

Students are required to complete masters-level counseling internship that total a minimum of 360 clock hours. The 360 hours must include supervised experiences in at least three of the following core areas (counseling, teaching, supervision, research and scholarship, leadership and advocacy). The 360 practical hours may be allocated at the discretion of the supervisor and the student on the basis of experience and training. Internship is designed to provide individual students with a planned program of advanced doctoral level professional experience in a college or community/agency setting. Internship assignments will be controlled and coordinated by a university instructor. An experienced professional at the internship site provides direct supervision. The masters -level internship will consist of providing individual and group supervision to undergraduate level students, teaching and/or co-teaching undergraduate level counseling courses, and participating in professional activities related to counselor education. If masters students have had limited clinical counseling experiences prior to beginning their MA work, they may be required to complete 500 practical hours in a counseling setting to gain more counseling experience.
To provide practical experience  to students as they explore hands on training- skills in  counselling profession.
By the end of this course, students will be able to:-
  • Make highly accurate responses to client's statements by responding to client needs, feelings, cues, and behavior using theoretical background.
  • Appropriately share experiences, feelings, and ideas in an open, non-dogmatic manner while keeping thefocus on the client.
  • Identify a place or area of need for counseling
  • Present a comprehensive report of counseling training received so far at the station of work
  • Get oriented with the work done at the station and find his/her place in it.
  • Develop a work plan, together with his/her supervisor on the areas that need communication concerns.
  • Work under supervision, demonstrating high level interpersonal skills.
Expect a supervisor from the station to share some of the concerns
  • Site Supervision: The student will complete at least one hour per week of individual supervision with their site supervisor. The student will attend all individual supervision sessions.  If they miss more than one session appointment with their supervisor, it will affect their final grade. 
  • Case Summaries: These involve case analyses, recordings or transcripts. Students are required to videotape or radio record counseling sessions with clients from their field sites. Three recorded counseling sessions will be submitted to the instructor for supervision feedback. Recordings may include a typed transcript, conceptualization, and self-evaluation of your counseling skills.
  • Individual Counseling: Students are required to conduct at least one weekly counseling session with individual clients for the rest of their practicum experience. 
  • Group Counseling. Students are required to lead one psycho-educational or counseling group (minimum 4 sessions) in their site setting. They may lead a group session in a community setting. Recording of at least one group sessions is required for in-class supervision.
  • Needs Assessment: The student will complete an evaluation of field site needs during the first week of the placement. These evaluations will be filed with the University supervisor. It is through this needs assessment, that the student shall complete a practicum project at the conclusion of the practicum experience. 
  • Practicum Project: The student will complete an implementation project during the last three weeks of the placement. These projects will be videotaped, radio-recorded or systematically written down, clearly outlining the procedures taken to intervene on key concerns identified in the needs assessment exercise. The report of the project shall be compiled and submitted to the University supervisor.