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Decentralisation And Local Government

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Social Work And Social Administration, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Introduction (6 hours)

  • Decentralization the concept
  • Defining Decentralization
  • Dimensions of Decentralization
  • Forms of Decentralization
  • Demand for Decentralization
  • Theoretical arguments for and against Decentralization

Local government the concept    (6 hours)

  • Defining local governments
  • Functions of local governments
  • Urban – Rural divide in local governments
  • Local governments and administrative units
  • Perspectives in understanding local governments
  • Challenges to local governments in LDCs

Historical perspectives and trends in local governments    (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Pre- colonial societies and their forms of administration
  • The colonial system of administration in Uganda (1890 – 1962)
  • The system of local governance (1962 – 1986)
  • Local governments under the national resistance movement (1986 –to date)
  • Lessons learned and way forward

Uganda’s Decentralization Policy, Legal Framework and Local Government Structure (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Philosophy of the Decentralization policy in Uganda.
  • Successes and obstacles
  • Conclusions

Local Government planning and Budgeting process (6 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Local Government planning and Budgeting
  • Funding Local Government plans and Budgets
  • Monitoring and Review of local Government Plans and Budgets
  • Linking local Government Budgets and Plans with the PEAP Goals
  • Achievements of Local Government Plans  and Budgets
  • Challenges of Local Government Plans and Budgets
  • Way forward and Conclusion

The financing of Decentralization (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Local Government Finance
  • Source of Revenue for Local Governments
  • Types of Funds to Local Governments
  • Challenges of Funding Local Governments
  • Conclusion

Accountability and Citizen Participation in Local Governments (6 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Defining Accountability and Citizen Participation
  • Challenges of participation and Accountability at Lower Councils
  • Local Accountability and corruptions of Local Institutions
  • Causes of and Remedies of Corruption in Local Governments.

Personnel Decentralization (Management of human resources) (3 hours)

  • Defining personnel Decentralization
  • Types of personnel Decentralization
  • Achievements and Challenges of Personnel Decentralization
  • Conclusion

Gender and Local Government Management (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Local Governments
  • Achievements of Affirmative Action in Local Governments
  • Challenges to affirmative action in LGs and way forward

Decentralized service Delivery systems (3 hours)

  • Introduction
  • Local Governments and the Central Government in Service Delivery
  • Options, Actors and Division of Responsibilities in Service Delivery
  • Technical considerations for the choice between Local Governments and central government in service delivery
  • Social Service Delivery in Local Governments

Assessing Decentralization Strategy (6 hours)   

  • Introduction
  • Linking Decentralization with Good Governance
  • Linking Decentralization with Development (Close Attention on MDGs& SDGS )


  • Lectures
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Documentaries


  • Whiteboard and Markers
  • Flip Charts
  • LCD Projectors
  • CDs, DVDs