Courses Catalogue

Social Policy Analysis And Planning

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Social Work And Social Administration, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Required Readings

  1. Social Policy: Themes, Principles and Perspectives in Uganda (2007) by Catherine H.S.K Mwine. Makerere University Printery.
  2. Introduction to social Work and Counseling in Uganda (2007) by Catherine H.S.K Mwine. Published by Global Publishers and Distributors Available in Aristock Book and Uganda Book shop).
  3. Social policy Theories: Debates, Policies and prospects of social Change in the great lakes Region (2007) Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Chad, Sudan, Somalia. Angola by Catherine H.S.K Mwine Published by Global Publishers and Distributors:
  4. Ethnic conflicts, Violence and Peace Building in the Great Lakes Region: Theories, Tools and techniques in analyzing Ethnic conflicts, identifying Risks and developing Solutions in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC Congo, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia (2008) by Catherine H.S.K Mwine, Global Publishers and Distributors:
  5. Policy Analysis: Concepts and Analysis (1992). By David Weimer and Aidan R. Vining. Published by prentice-hall, Inc. Simon and Company Englewood cliff, New Jersey.
  6. Understanding Public policy Fifth Edition (1984) by Thomos R. Dye. Published by Prentice-Hall International, Inc. London.
  7. Introduction to Social Policy: By Cliff Alcock, Sarah Payne and Michael and Michael Sullivan Published by Pearson Education Ltd, 2000 Social Policy: A comparative analysis by Michael Hill