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Crime And Social Deviance

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Social Work And Social Administration, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description

This course introduces students to the concept of crime and deviance, and how the two correlate. The different theories of crime and deviance are expounded.  This leads to the consideration of the normality of crime and deviance.  The above ideas are then applied to the contemporary world, and to the different correlates. Crime and social deviance are then related to the issue of social change.  As we come to conclude the course, a study is made on how society manages crime.Use of social science knowledge to understand the relationship between the law, penal system, administration of justice and criminal policy will be explored. In addition, basic concepts and theories in the contemporary use will be used to define and understand crime and deviance. Trends in crime and deviance will also be examined.

The sole aim of this course is developing students with an explicit understanding of crime and deviant behaviors in the context of developing countries with special focus on Africa.

By the end of this course, students will be able to;

  • Have understood and differentiated the concepts of crime and social deviance, behaviors in the context of developing countries with special focus on African.
  • Distinguish the theoretical approaches to human behavior and using the knowledge as a basis for further research and innovating better approaches to managing behavioral related problems.
  • Be in position to explain the different theories related to crime and social deviance and know how crime influences change and how society controls crime.