Courses Catalogue

Crime And Social Deviance

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Social Work And Social Administration, Bachelor
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Humanities and Social Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Introduction (3CH)

  • An Overview of Crime, Deviance, Violence and Social Justice
  • Definition of key concepts
    -    Crime
    -    Violence
    -    Deviance
    -    Criminals
    -    Social Justice
    -    Law and Penal System
  • Controversies over the Nature of Crime and Violence
    -    Crime and Crime Creation
    -    Police discretion
    -    Problems of accuracy

Crimes and Social Deviance (15CH)

  • Crimes
  • Types of Crimes
    -    Violent personal crimes
    -    Public Order
    -    White Collar
    -    Organized Crimes
    -    High Tech Crimes
    -    Juvenile delinquency
    -    Hate crimes
    -    Occupational property crimes
    -    Corporate crimes
    -    Public order crimes
    -    Conventional crimes
    -    Organized crimes
    -    Professional crimes
    -    Assault and robbery, rape
    -    Family Violence, Child abuse, Spouse abuse
    -    Elder abuse
  • Social Deviance
  • Types of Deviance
    -    Primary Deviance
    -    Secondary Deviance
  • Difference Between Crime and Deviance
  • Denial of Deviance
  • Normality and Abnormal of Crime and Deviance (Measuring Abnormality) and Its Consequences
  • Element and Indicators of Deviance
  • Explanatory Models for  Deviance

Conditions and Causes of Crime and Deviance (6CH)

  • Theoretical Explanations of Crime and Deviance: The Early Theories
    -    Biological Explanations of Crime
    -    Sociological Explanations of Crime
    -    The Classical Perspective
    -    Demonic Perspective
    -    Social Interaction Theories (e.g.: Learning Perspective, Social Control Theory, Labeling Theory)
    -    Society-Focused Theories (e.g.: Social Disorganization Perspective, Anomie/Strain Perspective, Radical Theory)
    -    Integrative Theory
  • Social Correlates of Crime
    -    Gender and Crime
    -    Age and Crime
    -    Social Class and Crime
    -    Race and Ethnicity Vs. Crime
    -    Religion and Crime
    -    Media and Crime
    -    Frustration-Aggression and Crime
    -    Violence as a subculture
    -    Violence as a rational choice
    -    Postmodernism and Crime

Controlling and Regulating Crime, Violence and Deviance (12CH)

  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Social Control (Forms of Social Control)
    -    Internal Social Control
    -    External Internal Social Control
    -    Informal Internal Social Control
    -    Formal Internal Social Control
    -    Semi-Informal Internal Social Control
  • Social Order
  • Controversy over the rationale for deviance and social control

Criminal Justice System (9CH)

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Principles of Criminal Justice
    -    Police
    -    The Judiciary (Courts of Law)
    -    Prisons
  • Functions of Punishment (Controlling Crime))
    -    Retribution,
    -    Rehabilitation and
    -    Prevention
  • Key actors involved (Case study of the East Africa)
    -    Social workers
    -    Police
    -    Counselors
    -    Law and Penal Code
    -    Family, norms and values
    -    Schools
    -    Religious institutions
  • Role of social workers in managing crime and social deviance
  • Relevancy of the Studying Crime and Social Deviance


  • Lectures
  • Practical assignments
  • Field trips
  • Documentaries


  • Whiteboard and Markers
  • Flip Charts
  • LCD Projectors, CDs, DVDs and Tapes