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Energy Conservation And Efficiency

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Electrical Engineering, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
STATUS: Elective
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline



1.      Energy Conservation(3hours)

·        Secondlawof thermodynamics

·        Rulesforefficientenergyconservationandmaterials

·        Technologiesforenergyconservation(reducingdemandusingalternativesupplies,loadfactor,balancingandenergystorage)

·        Supplysideoptions,demandsideoptions,maximumdemandcontroller,transmissionanddistributionsideoptions

2.      Energy Efficient Motors(3hours)

·        Construction details,

·        factors affecting efficiency,

·        losses distribution,

·        soft starters,

·        variable speed drives

3.      Power Factor (3 hours)

·           Causes and disadvantages of low power factor

·           Methods to improve  power factor

·           Automatic power factor controllers

4.      Energy Efficient Lighting(3 hours)

·        Terminology, cosine law of luminance

·        Types of lamps, characteristics, design of illumination systems, goodlighting practice, lighting control

·        Steps for lighting energy conservation

5.      Boilers(4 hours)

·        Fuels and combustion

·        Type of boilers

·        Performance evaluation, factors affecting boiler performance

·        Data collection format for boiler performance assessment

·        Case studies

6.      Steam Distribution System(5 hours)

·        Steam pipe sizing

·        Proper selection of steam traps

·        Optimum insulation

·        Steam utilization, steam balance – energy saving opportunities

7.      Furnaces(4 hours)

·        Types and classification of furnaces

·        Performance evaluation of a typical furnace

·        General fuel economy measures in furnaces

·        Case studies

8.      Heat Recovery Systems(5 hours)

·        Sources of waste heat

·        Guidelines to identify waste heat

·        Grading of waste heat

·        Feasibility study of waste heat recovery, gas to gas heat recovery

·        Rotary generators, heat pipes, gas to liquid heat recovery

·        Waste heat boilers

9.      Cogeneration(5 hours)

·        Definition and need, basics of thermodynamic cycles

·        Classification of cogeneration systems, steam turbine, gas turbine


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