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Micro Finance Management

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Business Administration (Finance & Banking)
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: College of Economics and Management
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline


Issues in micro finance provision

·         Understanding the country complex provides a frame work for analyzing factors it focuses on issues that affect the supply of micro finances.

·         The target market and impact analysis i.e books at the demand for financial series among by population and present ways of identifying a target market based on client characteristic and the type of enterprises they operate it also discusses impact analysis and how the desired impact affect MFI choice of target.

·         Products and service consider the various services that by income entire might demand, including financial and social intermediaries, enterprise development and social services.

·         The institution discusses the various types of institution that can effectively provide and manage the provision of micro finance authorities it addresses issues such as legal structures, governance and institute capacity and it provides information of accessing capital markets for funds.

·         Foana ledgawood sustainable banking with the poor. Handbook of micro finances.

·         An institutional and finance perspectives the world Bank Washington DC

·         Overview of contemporary Microfinance and Microfinance in Uganda.

·         The Role of Regional integration in the financial sector.

·         Bank lending

·         Financial services for the poor: how the poor people use financial services

·         The role of donors

·         In effectiveness, comparative advantage and collaboration

·         How donors, investors and policy makers can effectively help build financial sectors that serve the poor.

·         Investment in financial institutions

·         Institutional appraisal

·         Financial factors

·         Non financial factors

·         Analysis tool CAMP

·         Policies for pro poor financial systems

·         Designing the lending products provides information on how to design on modify

·         Lending products for clients both to meet than needs and financial sustainability of MFI.

·         Design savings products provides information systems presents an overview

·         Of effective MIS including accounting system loan taking system and client impact taking system, provides guides on the process of installing an MIS.

·         Adjust financial statements that are required to account for loan losses, depreciation accrued interest, inflation, and subsidies.

·         Performance indicators detail how to measure and evaluate the financial performance of MFI focusing on ratio analysis and how various outreach indicators can be monitored.

·         Performance management present ways in which to improve the financial performance of the MFI it discusses delinquency management staff productivity and incentives and Irish management assets and liability management.


  • Lectures
  • Reading assignments
  • Practical assignments
  • Field trips
  • Documentaries


·         Whiteboard and Markers

·         Flip Charts

·         LCD Projectors

·         CDs, DVDs and Tapes