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Soil Science

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Environmental Management, Bsc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Description



The course covers definitions and an in-depth analysis of soil as a system, including its natural forming processes, composition and the genesis of soil profiles. Aspects of mechanical and chemical analysis of soil, soil measurements and interactions and soil taxonomy/classification are covered, with emphasis on soil physical and chemical parameters of soil structure, soil texture, soil temperature, soil fertility, cation exchange capacity and soil buffers.





By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • appreciate soil as an important natural resource that is fixed in its quantity.
  • enhance proper soil management and soil fertility improvement skills for sustainable use of soils and general development.
  • outline how soil chemical and physical properties affect various uses of soils
  • describe soil variability
  • outline how soil properties can be modified to improve their quality for a particular use




A student completing the course is expected to demonstrate:

  • knowledge of a comprehensive awareness of the nature, composition and the genesis of soil forming processes and soil interactions.
  • knowledge of Soil conservation
  • higher order and critical thinking skills through:  discussions and projects focusing on soils as a basic and critical natural resource.
  • personal development of each student in order to maximize this potential for productive careers and the ability to embrace a life-long learning model
  • discuss the importance of soil analysis and its relation to sustainable use and be able to plan, undertake, analyse and report soil physical, chemical and biological investigations.
  • Gain general, analytical understanding of tests pertinent to soil chemical, physical and biological assessment.
  • Gain Organisation skills to plan, execute and report on scientific investigation and management of evaluations.
  • Participate in individual and team activities toward the completion of assignments and goals.