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Computer Architecture And Organization

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Computer Science, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Mathematics and Computing
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Course Outline

·         Data Representation:  Integer  Formats,  Binary,  Octal  and  Hexadecimal  Systems,  Negative  integers  and  2’s  Complement,  Floating  Point Formats, BCD  Formats, Alphanumeric  Memory, Memory Manage ment Hardware  Codes. [ 7 hrs ]

·         Basic Digital Circuits:  Logic  gates,  Karnaugh  maps,  Combinatorial  Circuits,  Binary  Adders,  Multiplexers  and  Demultiplexers,  Comparators, Decoders  and  Encoders,  Code  Converters,  ROMS  and  PLA’s,  Sequential  Circuits,  Flip  Flops  and  Latches,  R- S  flip flops,  J - K  flip  flops,  T  flip  Flops,  D  flip  flops,  Registers,  Shift  Registers  and  Data  Transmission,  Sequential  Network Design.  [12 hrs]

·         Micro Computer Architecture:  CPU, Memory, I/O Devices and Interfaces, System Bus, Examples of CPU Structures, The Intel / Pentium CPU, The Z-80 or Motorolla, Machine Language Instructions, Instruction Formats and Addressing Modes.[7hrs]

·         The Processing Elements: Macroinstruction execution, Internal Bus Transfers, Detailed Internal Architecture, Microcontrol, Hardwired Control, Microprogrammed Control, Reduced Instruction Set Computers.  [7 hrs]

·          I/O Programming:  Programmed I/O, Interrupt I/O, Polling, Priority Interrupt System, Direct Memory Access  Memory Management: Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory, I/O   processors. [6 hrs]

·         Memory Systems and,   Auxiliary Memory, Associative Memory, Cache Memory, Virtual [6 hrs]

·         Practical session 15hrs

Mode of delivery

Lectures, Case studies, Peer discussions, Role plays, Demonstrations