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Environmental Science

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Environmental Science
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Natural and Applied Sciences
PROGRAMME TYPE: Postgraduate

Course Content and Outline

Unit 1: Environmental Sustainability and Human Values                       (5 Hours)

Human Use of Earth

Human Values and Environmental Problems

Environmental Justice

An Overall Plan for Sustainable Living

 Unit 2: Risk Analysis and Environmental Hazards                                  (5 Hours)

Perspective on Risks

Environmental Hazards

Movement and Fate of Toxins

How We Determine the Health Effects of Pollutants

Precautionary Principle

 Unit 3: Solid and Hazardous Waste: An Unrecognized Resource           (5 Hours)

Solid Waste

Reducing Solid Waste

Hazardous Waste

Managing Hazardous Waste

 Unit 4: Air and Air Pollution                                                                       (4 Hours)

The Atmosphere

Types and Sources of Air Pollution

Effects of Air Pollution

Controlling Air Pollutants

Indoor Air Pollution

 Unit 5: Freshwater Resources and Water Pollution                                  (5 Hours)

The Importance of Water

Water Resource Problems

Water Management

Water Pollution

Improving Water Quality

Unit 6: Non-renewable Energy Resources                                                 (5 Hours)

Energy Consumption


Oil and Natural Gas

Nuclear Energy

Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants

 Unit 7: Renewable Energy Resources                                                         (5 Hours)

Direct Solar Energy

Indirect Solar Energy

Other Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Solutions: Conservation and Efficiency

 Unit 8: Health and Safety in a Work Place                                                            (6 Hours)

Definition of the term occupational health and hygiene - Categories of health hazards - Exposure pathways and human responses to hazardous and toxic substances - Advantages and limitations of environmental monitoring and occupational exposure limits - Hierarchy of control measures for occupational health risks - Role of personal protective equipment and the selection criteria - Effects on humans - control methods and reduction strategies for noise, radiation and excessive stress.

Workplace Safety And Safety Systems: Features of Satisfactory and Safe design of work premises – good housekeeping - lighting and colour, Ventilation and Heat Control – Electrical Safety – Fire Safety – Safe Systems of work for manual handling operations – Machine guarding – Working at different levels – Process and System Safety.

Unit 8: Environmental Impact Assessment                                                (5 Hours)

Environment and its interaction with human activities – Environmental imbalances, attributes, impacts, Indicators and Measurements, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – concepts, objectives of EIA, advantages and limitations of EIA, Screening and scooping, Rapid EIA and comprehensive EIA. Environmental Indicators, Overview of methodologies, Environmental risk analysis. Case studies on EIA


The course is largely participatory in nature; it includes lectures and tutorials. Students are required to make presentations (either individually or in groups) on assigned readings and a critical analysis of those readings. Additionally, the following delivery modes shall also be used:


Reading assignments

Revision tutorials/ self studies

Demonstrations/documentaries and video material when appropriate

Practical assignments

Computer design laboratories

A web site with access to in-depth materials

Field trips/case studies


Whiteboard and Markers

Flip Charts

LCD Projectors

CDs, DVDs and Tapes