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Object Oriented Programming

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Computer Science, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Mathematics and Computing
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Detailed Course Description

Introduction:  What is object oriented programming? Why do we need object-oriented. Programming characteristics of object-oriented Languages. C and C++.   3hrs

C++ Programming basics :  Output using Cout. Directives. Input with Cin. Type bool. The set manipulator. Type conversions.  3hrs

FunctionsReturning values from functions. Reference arguments. Overloaded function. Inline function. Default arguments. Returning by reference. 3hrs

Object and ClassesMaking sense of core object concepts (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Classes, Messages Association, Interfaces) Implementation of class in C++, C++ Objects as physical object, C++ object as data types constructor. Object as function arguments. The default copy constructor, returning object from function. Structures and classes. Classes objects and memory static class data. Const and classes.  6hrs

Arrays and string arrays fundamentals: Arrays as class Member Data :  Arrays of object, string, The standard C++ String class 3hrs

Operator overloadingOverloading unary operations. Overloading binary operators, data conversion, pitfalls of operators overloading and conversion keywords. Explicit and Mutable. 4hrs

Inheritance: Concept of inheritance. Derived class and based class. Derived class constructors, member function, inheritance in the English distance class, class hierarchies, inheritance and graphics shapes, public and private inheritance, aggregation, classes within classes, inheritance and program development. 4hrs

Pointer: Addresses and Pointers. The Address of operator and Pointer and arrays. Pointer and Faction pointer and C-types string. Memory management : New and Delete, pointers to objects, debugging pointers. 3hrs

Virtual Function : Virtual Function, friend function, Static function, Assignment and copy initialization, this pointer, dynamic type information. 3hrs

Streams and Files : Streams classes, Stream Errors, Disk File I/O with streams, file pointers, error handling in file I/O with member function, overloading the extraction and insertion operators, memory as a stream object, command line arguments, and printer output. 4hrs

Templates and Exceptions: Function templates, Class templates Exceptions 3hrs

The Standard Template Library : Introduction algorithms, sequence containers, iterators, specialized iterators, associative containers, strong user-defined object, function objects. 3hrs

Practical Session: 30hrs


Mode of delivery

Lectures, Case studies, Peer discussions, Role plays, Demonstrations