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Software Engineering

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME: Computer Science, B.Sc
COLLEGE/SCHOOL/FACULTY: School of Mathematics and Computing
PROGRAMME TYPE: Undergraduate

Course Content and Outline

Detailed Course Description

·         Introduction: History of software design and development, Software terminologies, Types of software, Software characteristics and myths, Software development principles and qualities. 4 hours

·         Software requirements: Levels, tools for requirement elicitation and software requirement specification. 4 hours

·         Review of Software lifecycle and methodologies: life cycle, methodologies, Operations and support, System evolution, maintenance and obsolescence. 5 hours

·         Tools/techniques for developing software: Structure charts, program design language, structured walk through, Pseudo code, tree diagrams, decision tables, prototypes 4 hours

·         Software design: Abstraction, coupling, cohesion, integration 3 hours

·         Software project management: team processes, organization and decision making, roles and responsibilities of the software team, role identification and assignment, project tracking, team problem resolution, project scheduling, and risk analysis, version control, project management tools. 6 hours

·         Architecture: Architectural styles, mapping requirements 3 hours

·         Evaluation: white box and black box testing, software metrics, software measurement and estimation,

  • software process measurements

·         Documentation of software artefacts: principles, examples, deliverables.  3 hours

·         Practical 10 hours.


Mode of delivery

Lectures, Practical, peer discussions and Group work