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‘’If you Don’t Have a Vision, you are Wasting Time,’’ KIU’S Teachers in Making Warned


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Brenda Nakabugo, a senior teacher at St. Joseph’s Girls Secondary School, Nsambya has advised education students to have a vision and mind about quality in order to succeed in the competitive job market. 

Speaking to College of Education students in a career and skills development seminar under the Work Place Series on April 6, Nakabugo said that working without vision is equivalent to nothing.

‘’Teaching is not about the money, it is about what you want to achieve. What’s your vision in this career? If you don’t have a vision, you are wasting your time,’’ she said.

She urged the teachers in making to work hard and put more emphasis on the quality of their service. She said that it is quality that makes an outstanding teacher.

‘’What makes you different from other teachers is the quality of your work. It is quality that will make you an outstanding teacher. Teach a student so that they are able to meet you and say, ‘Teacher you did your part,’’ Nakabugo added.

She also reminded the teachers that the world was looking for solution based teachers, individuals who can make a difference with less expectations.

While giving a vote of thanks, Muhairwe Malinga added to Nakabugo’s voice in calling upon the teachers in making to work hard and concentrate on bettering their craft each time they have a chance.

‘’There are no chips and chicken in teaching. You have to work. The world is waiting for an extraordinary teacher. You have to do your best to win the students’ hearts; that’s the road to becoming an extraordinary teacher,’’ Malinga advised.

The seminar also attracted several other adminstrators at KIU among them, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Schola Akampemuka, Samuel Kamutungye from the admissions department and Anitah Muhairwe Malinga the lead organizer of the Work Place Series.