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  • “Advise Yourself Before you Advise Others to be a Good Team Leader,” – Dr. Mundu

“Advise Yourself Before you Advise Others to be a Good Team Leader,” – Dr. Mundu


KIU, Western Campus – The Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Finance and Administration for KIU Western Campus, Dr. Mustapha Mundu has told aspiring team leaders to always advise themselves before advising others.

This was during his presentation about “team building” during the third day of the “Training of Trainers” Grants Training Workshop in the Main Hall of KIU Western Campus.

“A good team leader has to a good advisor; advise people but before you advise others, the first person to advise is yourself. And some of you are already exhibiting this, you have all the attributes and the only thing is improving a little bit on them,” Dr.Mundu told participants.

He also encouraged competition and a “little bit of healthy fighting” because it means there is a sign of growth unlike in an environment where things are cool all the time.

“The fighting is agreeing and disagreeing on principles, these are the fights we are talking about. If fights come like this, what do you do? You maintain it, you control things, produce, provide, coordinate and these are some of your roles as a team leader,” he advised.

He also mentioned some of the attributes of team building which include; motivation, competence, support and team spirit.

He followed this up with the five stages of team development namely; forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

The Grants Training Workshop enters its final day tomorrow Thursday April 20.