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  • “Getting a first-class was Allah’s Grace, determination and hard work,” says KIU's Laila Ndagire

“Getting a first-class was Allah’s Grace, determination and hard work,” says KIU's Laila Ndagire


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Ndagire Laila a graduate student of Development studies is happy that she has achieved her goal of graduating with a first-class come Saturday ,24th April 2021. She attributes her success to group discussions, regular attendance of lectures and conducting personal research.

Laila who also served as a Member of Parliament representing the college of humanities and social sciences in the 2019/20 KIU Guild Union will graduate with a CGPA of 4.44 despite being a weekend student. She is happy with her fruitful effort.

“I feel excited, and happy about the achievement because it hasn’t been a smooth ride especially in the last semester were we experienced a lockdown after one month of study due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, when the lockdown was lifted I managed to cope up and here I am with a first-class.” Laila admits.

She adds that getting a first-class was a result of a combination of factors like God’s grace, determination, hard work regular discussions and attendance of lectures. Getting a first-class was Allah’s grace, determination, hard work, support from family and classmates.

“As a weekend student, I only had two days of study which were always packed with lessons, so I utilized the limited time to engage with course mates in group discussions, self-studying through research, attending classes, being attentive and actively participating during lectures. This enabled me to understand the concepts.” She explains.

Laila is looking forward to enrolling for a Masters of Arts in Gender and development if she gets money or any financial support to upgrade. She is currently applying the knowledge attained from Kampala International University at Uganda Media Women’s Association, a Non-Government organization that advocates for the rights of women and other marginalized groups to make informed decisions.