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“I am Ready to Serve Society and the Nation,” Shillah Atuhairwe


KIU, Western Campus – Shillah Atuhairwe graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring in Economics and Geography at KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony on November 12. We had a discussion with her about what this milestone means to her as well as her plans for the future.

How are you Shillah, and how does it feel to be one of the graduands at KIU’S 26th Graduation ceremony? 

I am very fine, thank you. I feel so happy and excited to be one of the graduands at KIU’s 26th Graduation Ceremony.

How does it make you feel to know that you are finally done with school?

It makes me feel excited because I count myself as someone who is ready for the job market since I now have my academic documents.

What did you benefit from KIU academically and socially?

KIU helped me to get more content as a teacher through my lecturers and it helped me to improve on my confidence through class presentations and discussions.
It also helped me to meet new friends from different courses, nationalities and walks of life, since it’s an international university.

How do you intend to use the knowledge you acquired at KIU to help society and the country at large?

I am already a qualified teacher from KIU and I am ready to serve the society and the entire nation through imparting knowledge and skills in learners and to live as an example in our community.

Any plans of continuing with your studies?

Oh yes! It is my wish to upgrade to Master’s Degree level, specializing in Economics, if the opportunity arises.

What is the single best memory you will go away with from KIU?

Haha! That is undoubtedly the moment I found myself on the graduation list because I regard it as something special.

What message can you give to anyone who would like to join KIU for studies?

The message I can give to anyone who would like to join KIU for studies is to be smart and careful, to love the course they are choosing and to be proud of our university.

What message do you give to your fellow graduands?

I want to first congratulate them upon completing their studies. And I would wish to let them know that they are not job seekers but job makers in this world of cutthroat competition.
And for those that have the chance to continue with studies, they should take that chance.

Any appreciation message to anyone who helped you through your course?

My appreciation goes to my entire family of Mr. Elinest Rubaramira, more especially Mr and Mrs. Eliber Tugume who managed to do what it takes for me to complete my course, not forgetting all my dear friends and the entire KIU fraterninty.

Well Shillah, we send our heartfelt congratulations upon your graduation!

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